Spring is for painting... the bizarre!

Spring is for painting... the bizarre!

So many things have transpired since my last blog. Can you believe how fast 2 months can go by? This friday marks the first day of March. Now I know that the spring solstice doesn't officially start until the  21st, but March, to me says SPRING!  (cover photo: Crocuses in the snow - AI image generation)

Spring heralds the start of my outdoor mural painting season, and indeed, it's already underway. I've kicked off the preliminary work on a highly anticipated project at the Lafayette Flea Market in Lafayette, CO—a project two years in the making, now finally moving forward after navigating numerous bureaucratic hurdles and obtaining city permits. Alongside my collaborator, SRS4, also known as artist Sarah Spencer, we've started the intricate task of sketching our design onto the wall, which has been prepped and primed for our new artistic venture.

For 23 years, this wall showcased a mural by another artist, depicting a majestic scene of the wild west with stagecoaches, prairies, mountains, and pioneers venturing across Colorado. It was a piece of timeless beauty. However, the owner has chosen to replace this classic artwork with something completely different—my art. I'm thrilled about the opportunity to bring my vision to this well-established canvas. What we're creating is bound to be unique and wonderfully bizarre.

Prepare for a blend of amazement and perplexity. Our design, playing with forced perspective, will feature an array of eccentric elements: a chess match between a chimpanzee and a prairie dog, zebras trotting through infinite hallways and goldfish soaring through the air, and Beau the cat, a ship's captain, navigating toward harbor. A scene captures a young woman enchanted by "butter-eyes", encapsulated within a tall glass. Moreover, a giant shark will seem to burst from a fish tank, setting off to discover the wonders of Lafayette, while visitors will get the chance to feel like a bird in a cage, surrounded by others flying freely.  This interactive mural is designed for playful social media snapshots. I'm ecstatic to offer this immersive, artistic experience!

Check out new images of this mural play out in my COMING SOON section soon. Happy Spring!




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