hi, welcome to my (virtual) studio

I am Tif Choate, an American painter.

I strive to transform city scapes and uplift communities by creating public murals and acrylic and watercolor paintings.

Get a fresh perspective from every day life with a bolt of color and unexpected joy.

My tools? I love all kinds of brushes and just about any object that can move paint!

canvas art

Snail Candy Arts

Tif Choate, painter

Colorado USA

public art

I'm all about the thrill of exploring, and making a turn to discover a wonderful piece of huge public art! What a sensational rush - to be discovered and interpreted through our own unique lenses.

From creators like me, who craft large installations in public areas, we offer these as a gift for you. My intent is to deliver both happiness and a sense of connection through my art, out in the open.

Check out my public installs

take it with you wherever you go

The focus at Snail Candy Arts is to match your unique style with our vibrant, one-of-a-kind designs.

You have a passion for self-expression. Make a statement and leaves a lasting impression.

Treat yourself. Find the perfect gift for someone you love, something truly special from our choice assortment of products that we're excited to offer.

Say it with art.

art and beyond. where style meets function

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