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Explore the vibrant works of American artist, Tif Choate, a self-taught painter who delights audiences worldwide with her variety of imaginative artistic expressions.

In the studio, she prefers using a variety of brushes and palette knives to create intriguing textures on stretched canvases, employing acrylic paints with rich and contrasting hues.

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Snail Candy Arts is my paint studio & company

I'm Tif Choate, artist and muralist

located in Lafayette, Colorado

public art across the front range

Allow yourself to have a deeper emotional connection to beauty, as only art can do.

Be enchanted and feel the rush of joy, as you embark on a journey into the colorful world of outdoor murals. Check out Tif Choate's creative art projects, out in the public.

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Our focus is to match your unique style with our vibrant, one-of-a-kind designs. You have a passion for self-expression that makes a statement and leaves a lasting impression.

We get it! Treat yourself, and find the perfect gift for someone you love, something truly special from our choice assortment of products that we're excited to offer.

Say it with art.

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