New Outdoor Mural in progress at The Lafayette Flea

Delight in the wild and magical design of this new mural - come see this wonder in person! It's big!

The Lafayette Flea is getting a new LOOK

Step into an enchanting world with this mesmerizing mural showcasing forced perspective and larger-than-life imagery that promises to be a show stopper!

Revitalizing the cherished Lafayette Flea, this timeless gem in Lafayette's historic Old Town is getting a face-lift, through a collaborative mural project with my longtime friend and talented partner SRS4.

For 24 years, an iconic mural adorned the face of this indoor flea market, observing the ebb and flow of visitors. With new ownership and a renovated setting, The Lafayette Flea is undergoing a stylish transformation and reimagined branding. Come by and be delighted both outside and in!

Our commitment as artists is to create a vibrant mural that captivates with creativity and inspiration, matching the diverse items in the store.

By infusing imagination, colorful style and unexpected wonder, we hope to invigorate the Lafayette Flea, as well as the community of Lafayette city. Let this cool art inspire a sense of awe and wonder to all who visit.

COME and SEE: The Lafayette Flea, Collectibles Market in Old Town.

130 E Spaulding, Lafayette, Colorado 80026

Help me make this dream a reality

Coming this fall 2024

At Waneka Lake Park in Lafayette, Colorado, I've proposed to paint a continuous wildlife mural on all four sides of a pump house.

I need your help to make it happen, though.

How can you get involved?

I am raising $10k for this four sided continuous wildlife mural for education and ecology.

So far, I have been awarded a grant from the Public Art Committee of Lafayette, CO. And through crowdfunding we've raised 1/10th of the funds needed.

Help us reach this goal and see this cool mural design become a reality!

Concept Drawings:

3D model

I truly look forward to painting this artwork for the public. Thank you for your continued support.