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Being stretched beyond our skillsets

Art: Gorgeous work by @eu_clides01 on Instagram, "self portrait" 

Today is Wednesday and we are on the 3rd day of a glorious new year, 2024. I say glorious and do my darnedest to mean it. Yesterday I received a truly frightening prognosis and then watched the new Netflix movie "Leave the World Behind" with Julia Roberts. That was a big wow! Have you seen it yet? Talk about prophetic!

I think collectively, we've had one hell of a 2023! I could, it would be much easier, to lean into the cynical. But I must consciously choose not to. Nope, it's better to lean into the grateful. 

In about 14 days, I will switch my website over to a new platform, Shopify. I've been tirelessly working on this for the past 7 months and now I'm down to just days. This has really stretched me way past my comfort zone in skills. I mean, what in the world was I thinking? I was thinking that we now live in the most interconnected via electronic age there has ever been. And I had better get on the bandwagon. So here I am, hello out there my long distance friend.  

I'm both excited and terrified. I would have never attempted to do this 5 years ago. But this new Tif knows a little about web design. I've just barely touched on some coding and learned an enormous bit about print on demand. 

I want you to know that I am most excited to interact with you all and hear how art moves you and changes your lives, how it alters your mood. 

It does mine. I hope you like this great portrait I ran into this week that really did it for me by @eu_clides01 on Instagram, "self portrait". 

In what way have you been stretched outside of your skillset lately?

Take care and may you have a glorious 2024!




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cool blog, nice cover pic.


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