Our story

Lana Del Rey once said, “Doing what you love is freedom. Loving what you do is happiness.”

These words deeply touch my soul. Art is my true passion. A paint brush in my hand and vibrant paints on my palette spark an inner fire within me and helps me become the best version of myself. Through my expressive and colorful artwork, I aspire to inspire you to pause, to reflect, and to awaken your inner imaginations. 

I am Tif Choate, a self taught painter, and this is my company, Snail Candy Arts. My husband, Jim, and sons, Orion and Max, are also Snail Candy Arts. This crew has been with me and the company every step of the way, providing their hands and talents to many murals and exhibits. I couldn't do it without their support!

My aim is to give you delight through create eye-catching artworks. I hope that the images you see will lift your spirits, just by musing over them.

Joy is a valuable commodity.  I am amazed at how well it restores our mental banks.  Often, the disorder of our world may feel like we're drowning.  Yielding to contemplate art often generates joyful moments - moments that leave us awestruck, make us laugh out loud, and invigorate us.  Art becomes a bright buoy in the dark storms of life. 

Where it all started

I have been fascinated by the beauty and boldness of art all of my life. I grew up near one of the best free art museums in the US, St. Louis City Art Museum, in Missouri. I found myself gravitating towards all things artistic and creative. I loved to paint and make things with my hands all through primary school.  Eventually, I went to college for art, more specifically graphic design and illustration, earning a degree from the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale and started down a career in design.  I also met the love of my life, Jim, an artist in his own uniqueness. 

After more than a decade of great jobs in illustration, graphic design, and even a stint as a plumber's helper, all while homeschooling our two sons, I always kept a hand in tactile art via painting, mostly voluntarily, large stage sets and wall murals.  In 2017 with my husband's incredible support, we finally unleashed Snail Candy Art Studio in 2017!

The time had come for me to overcome my fears, live the authentic life I had always dreamed of and to devote myself to full-time professional artistry, to be liberated from various jobs that truly didn't fulfil me, and to launch my own business. 

Now, six years in, working full time, with a myriad of brushes, palette knives, and other tools, I've been in total joy mode, creating colorful paintings with acrylic paint, pastels, watercolor ink and pencils, applying these on stretched canvas and various paper. I love to paint  on walls as well, especially in a public setting in the communities around me, too. 

Public creative displays are especially important to me.  I am an advocate of public art projects, especially murals that champion social change and positive narratives. I've painted over 25 murals throughout the Front Range of Colorado.  I feel strongly that art itself has a powerful and transformative energy that we all need. 

The power of art lies in its ability to bring a unique perspective and an emotional connection that is unparalleled. It is from that connection that we can draw strength and joy. 

Through my creations, allow me to lift your spirits.

~ Tif Choate

(above) "You;Matter", Broomfield, CO, for suicide awareness & prevention. (L) Shock art design "Let it Bee", Longmont, CO, for bee preservation & awareness.(R) "Swelter" on 45 x 60 inch canvas, artist self-portrait.

I LOVE to paint!