why is this public art about suicide awareness and prevention? see above.

Public mural painting is a creative passion of mine.

The chance to use colorful art for social change and awareness is so amazing to me. Art in the public makes a great impact and I love being part of this movement.

I've had opportunities to paint murals all across the Colorado Front Range. I've painted on walls, sheds, fences, even electric transformer & traffic boxes.

You can find my artwork in the cities of Lafayette, Broomfield, Longmont, Fort Collins, Denver and Arvada, in Colorado.

I frequently am in the process of painting or planning murals most of the year.

"Don't Worry" mural, 2020. Tif Choate, with Derek Rogers, friend & mural arm model! (art removed in 2023)

I believe that everyone should have access to creative expression and the enjoyment that comes from seeing colorful and interesting art in public places.

'Greetings from LAFAYETTE'

This epic mural is well loved in Lafayette, CO with almost daily selfies taken by residents and visitors alike.

Located on Klose Training building, Lafayette, CO.

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Making the Mural

The mural was created by the Alley Art Amazin' artist team including myself, Sarah Spencer and Marissa Saints, as well as artist, Sarah Ortegon. Collaborations are the best!

Each of the illustrations in the letters represent activities and locations special and unique to Lafayette.

"You ; Matter"

The 'You ; Matter" mural in Broomfield, CO, is dedicated to suicide awareness & prevention. Created in 2020

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Creating the You; Matter mural

It took me 10 days to complete the art. Size: 80' x 8'.

I painted alongside 7 other muralists, all creating art on social awareness issues.


I also ran a funding campaign during its creation and was able to raise $1K for the Rocky Mountain Crisis Hotline.

Find out more about Asha HERE.

"The Hand Off"

Located in Lafayette, CO.

Yes, those huge waves in the corrugated metal wall were quite a challenge! This piece is titled, "The Hand Off" and is part of Lafayette's Alley Art Amazin' mural program.

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This is Fiona

She is one wavy lady.

Go to The Post Restaurant & Brewery, in Lafayette, CO to see her, Jacque and the chickens in person.

Creating the mural

"The Hand Off" mural was designed & painted by Tif with lots of community help, through Lafayette's Alley Art Amazin' mural initiative.

And yes, those bikes are huge!

Created in 2013. artbytif@gmail.com

Public Art Piano? Exactly.

Not all artistic expressions are confined to walls!

This was a great opportunity to paint a piano in Fort Collins, CO with my artistic son, Orion Choate, as part of their engaging 'Pianos about Town' program. With an impressive count of over 100 beautifully adorned pianos, the intersection of music and art brings immense joy!

'My Neighbor Totoro Visits Waneka Lake'

Being a huge admirer of Studio Ghibli and the remarkable talent of Hayao Miyazaki, I can't help but express my love for this mural. It's definitely one of my personal favorites.

I loved creating this mural with my son, ORion.

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I love all of the sweet little details and characters.

Look! it's a snail ;)

"Colorado Wild Horses"

This was painted to celebrate the wild herd herds of Northwest Colorado that my family and I went to see.

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Boating through the Universe

I painted this special piece on my friend Elizabeth's fence. It depicts her family, traveling together through many adventures - her, husband David, the dog, Bernie Sanders and their two cats, Elliott and Adicus.

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Current Happenings

Find out where you can see live public art in the making today. Thanks for your support and love!