• What's a Commission? Understanding Custom Art

    Custom art is just what it sounds like. Personalized. An original, handcrafted painting that is one-of-a-kind. Especially for you.

    I love painting custom artwork. It's a personal and powerful experience that often makes people cry tears of happiness.

    Painting your loved ones brings me great joy. I strive to capture the unique character and spirit of each one.

    In my colorful mosaic style, I am confident that I can paint any pet, person, or idea that you can imagine. 

    I aim to capture the essence of my subjects, but with a very rich and unique color palette. I have been creating custom work for my clients consistently for over eight years, and all of them have been delighted with what we have achieved together.

  • The Process

    We establish the subject matter, size, and layout together, through email or phone calls, with photos and sketches.  You may provide photographs that I'll use for perfect plan for your pet, place, or special person. I can also sketch something for you as we discuss what you envision (additional design fee may apply). Choosing the perfect sized painting for your space and budget will be next.
    Once you have chosen your desired size of canvas, we'll discuss your deposit and the expected time of completion for your masterpiece. I then will create your art with acrylic paint on a ready-to-hang gallery edge canvas.

    You'll be on your way to owning an original painting, made especially for you!

    Experience the profound impact of art by gifting it to yourself or someone special. Enhance your home and enrich your life.

    Here is a Size & Price Guide 
  • What can you Expect?

     Color is my muse. I'm fascinated by how colors capture light and shadow.  I see hues everywhere, like a prism! My painting style has been compared to that of Henry Matisse's "Fauvism" movement. Fauvist artists use lots of unnaturalistic color and vivid brushstrokes. Color is bold and high-keyed, often directly from the tube.

    I am moved by rivers of colors undulating across the canvas. Art can change a room's temperature, filling it with joy! 

    In deciding what background to paint, either my clients direct me or, if they are open to my discretion, I feel what I am led to paint as I get to know the subject. The background is designed to complement the subject.

    Using photographs you provide, I will transform your photos into a joyful work of art. Alternatively, we may develop a concept based on our discussions.

    Throughout the process and development of this project, I will keep you informed.

    See my Gallery 

Tif paints a colorful dog portrait, while her cat curiously observes

(see those little white paws :)

  • Cost/ Deposit

    Once we discuss your ideas and you have selected a size of canvas that will meet your needs (see sizes below), I'll let you know when to expect your painting on the calendar. Once we've agreed to move forward, you will receive an estimate and invoice via email. Prior to beginning, I collect a 50% deposit to secure your completion date on my calendar, on a first-paid first-serve basis.  

      To choose your canvas size, you can find my price guide below. 

    Size & Price Panel 
  • Returns/ Refunds

    While custom made art cannot be returned or refunded, I will do my best to ensure I create precisely what you envision. 

    Please rest assured that I will keep you updated on the progress of the project. I am proud to say that I have never had an unhappy client. Despite the fact that many have shed tears... joyful tears, to be precise.

    The initial 50% deposit is refundable, up until the artwork has begun.
    Feel free to contact me at any time during the process if you have any questions or concerns. I will respond within 48 hours.

  • Time Frame

    Based on my current calendar, I'll give you an estimate of when your work will be completed. Due to my other projects, shows and commitments, you should expect a 3-4 month turnaround. It generally takes me about three weeks to plan, sketch, and paint your artwork once I have begun.  Once your painting is complete, I'll send you photos and a final invoice. Shipping might be included too. 

    Your painting will be shipped as soon as the final payment is received.  If you are local, arrangements can be made to meet up or pick up at the studio.

    Are you Ready? 
  • I love capturing the sweet and gentle temperament of the animals I paint.

  • Layla loved the beach. Her family wanted to remember her where she was the happiest.

  • It was especially important that I capture her adorable curly tail :)