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'Get A Grip', nature painting

'Get A Grip', nature painting

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About the Art

"Get A Grip" was crafted by Tif Choate,

There was a time when we truly believed in collective balance, when we climbed trees as kids then stood under trees, our hearts a flutter, for our first kiss in the summer breeze. There was a time when the trees spoke soft whispers to one another, telling a long tale that grew upon each transfer forth through folkloric forest until a final breath upon a falling leaf.
Oh wait, that still happens.
Kisses still get kissed under canopied branches and hearts beat and tremor, for this is what is life itself. Yet trees are now hailing tales of urgent howls with whipping whirls of yowls and roaring. Voracious fire, wind, capricious and fierce, heady heat and permafrost. Arbors made naked speak of ruin, destruction, and surrender to one another. Get a Grip, people! Listen closely—the trees are speaking from their very souls, beseeching us to see beyond our own existence.


Painting is executed on 36 x 48 x 1.5 inches Pro-Edge canvas, using Professional Acrylic paint  and is protected with a glaze of UV varnish and secured with hanging wire. This original painting is not framed. It includes a Certificate of Authenticity (COA) and is signed by the artist on the back.


Shipping is available within the USA. Oversized paintings are rolled and shipped in a tube, while smaller paintings come mounted on a wooden frame and packaged in secure boxes.

Copyright Tif Choate 2023, all rights Reserved.

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